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Forlorn Leaf – 9

Two bodies
Of light
In the iridescent
Eternal dark
Colourful surf
On the swirling blue
Her dark lips rapt
Covering hidden cues
And still womb silent
Possessive within
Absorbing convulsions
And refluxing thigh
Two palms
Below moon shining
The known and unknown
The stream of elation and abyss
As questions
And are the questions
Or void expressions
For unknown schemes
And still womb
Possessive within
Hold it hard
A new voice to throb
In unknown dark
A new stream of life
Or a death ritual perhaps

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Forlorn Leaf – 8

The roving dark
Of a coming storm
A yellow aroma
Out of the frames norm
Ever swirling
Flowers, glasses, time piece
And skyline within me fading
The roving life
I wake to see
A giant mechanics
Creating a deep slumber
And then again
I feel
The sleep nay dream
Strange it is a dream
Strange I confronting a dream
And there is a web
Lives tied, slumbered, caged
The sun passing through
The Life stream
Long declared pale
And I nothing but clog
Searching a passage from mind-matter complex

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Forlorn Leaf – 7

The night has come
Again to unravel the strife
Of the vast ocean of words
And the dark silent sky
Both blue and dark infinite
Chilled between karma and akarma
Poles aloof icy
Dialogue insisting night
And the sultry wind frets
On roaring ocean and beneath sky
Wondering how it can
At different levels between time and no time
Identification being the sea
To be is the sky

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 It is really disheartening to see that no one questions the basic assumptions of the policies that are causing such immense suffering and hardships for this vast a population. Also because this country called India has such wide variety of people, interests and thinking processes, staleness cannot have any place here. How is this happening?

Yesterday I was travelling to a nearby city and the utter destruction of environment and nature in name of infrastructure-development frightened me to core.  Earthmovers, dumpers, mixers all moving briskly, cut trees transported in tractors; hills cut and mined for the boulder; bridges coming-up from nowhere – all seemed so perverse and destructive. When I got down, I puked.

I don’t know how to remain optimistic about the preservation of flora and fauna in this developmental paradigm that is accepted by the governing elite of this country. The ever-compromising shortsighted common man who is anyway  too pre-occupied with his own existential concerns has little inducement to think about the country, people and culture.

The cause of environment is a lost one and along with government, judiciary is the second culprit. But how can it can be different since there is a consensus on the developmental paradigm; Paradigm that is emanating from the western universities and corporations and setting certain set of values across the globe. No wonder learned judgments with lofty ideals turnout nothing more than a lip service to the cause of environment, aimed at the galleries.

The way judiciary (the custodians of rights and Arbitrator supreme) has over the years has blindly bought the development agreement put forth by governments (despite repeated failures to show the link) on their parts is chilling. Right from the failure to rehabilitate Narmada valley people the process completes one more cycle with each developmental project and masses of people rendered homeless refugees in their own land. If the continuity of the machinery from British and pre-British rule to the present time is studied it invariably comes out as an arm or exploit. Law and order was primarily needed for collecting land revenues, ensuring flow of trade, thus nothing much can be expected from these imported systems. Masters have changed, slaves have not. They vigorously searched and succeeded in finding new masters. Such eventful is the story of the republic of India.

The educated class as habitual turncoat-dalals, had little substance left in them that would have induced them forgo securities and nice little joys and piety for something worth calling real change; so dense is the fog of indecision. The whole idea of India is missing and there is no mummer about the loss. Historically they have been lived this way, ever since alien rule set its foot in the country breaking spine and character of people. But today with the breaking of dharma, tradition and cultural grip, the propensity of this class to harm the country has grown exponentially. This class has succeeded in cornering riches by aligning interests with the global forces. There is nothing is wrong with it per se, if it is not on the cost of other brethrens. And there is cost and then there are problems.

Two things clear here are that – first this powerful elite has accepted the cost argument of the development (the ‘disposable population’ argument in new garb) and second that vastness and plurality of country has been used to silence the sufferers and dissidents by neglect and there by scuttling the very spirit and processes of democracy. Thus the concept of social justice ends up as instrument of silencing the moral critic of this mode of thinking by dividing the people; buying vociferous interest groups in the name of democracy.

We have not thought that being the largest democracy also required a vast moral and ethical ground that is just and equitable and piecemeal actions copied from the west in form of affirmative action on socio-political class basis without ethical acceptability would end up making society more divided and cynical.

Instead of instilling spirit of ethically just milieu of development, we have developed an environment of snatching and misappropriating opportunities. Herein the weakness on part of leadership of the so-called high-Varna people to forgo its privileges and moral failure is evident.

There are innumerous marginalized groups living in utter destitution, resources are little and needs are infinite and with deeply ingrained insecurity and fear of not getting chance later, person reaching at a level of power invariably becomes corrupt; ends up in amassing wealth and pushing the inequality further.

But equally important point not be missed are colonial and missionary designs and new emerging democratic political order that petrified Varna and Jaati identities especially in the upper echelons of the society. The republic of India was to be built with this material and there was a marked absence of ethical and moral consideration, this vicious cycle was to compound.

 In such an environment, Traitorship is not at all outlandish it is has become as natural as human weakness; as a mentality it is lacking – in faith, in the working of moral and ethical system; a paleness of character that survives on petty selfishness and self-interest. These people take moral affront when questioned about their intention or actions and repeatedly fails to comprehend the enormous loss their frailties cost to the society.

We have repeatedly celebrated success no matter whether means are just or not, honorable or treacherous. We have only momentary outrage over such trespasses and habitually we lapse in to characterless-muddle called diversity. As a perfect example of slavish culture, people who have lost every conception of self-respect and community feeling based on ethical and moral code, we are reduced to a ‘heterogeneous’ family ever ready to sacrifice the ‘other’ for someone ‘dear’.

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Forlorn leaf – 6

The Prince wake up
Out of deep sleep
Comparing the world
With that of dreams
The prince middle aged thin
Bald handsome pale and white
Bare chested in dark tweed trousers
Sitting on bed with intent eyes
His disquiet slowly slipping in the setting
The room dark and green
Lit in sharp edges yellow beams
Physique tense, slow eyes searching
The room surreal
Windows darks perhaps supple
A side of the bed bearing a portrait of the king
The King Rouaultian
More faint, more floating
Shades allowing more life
Less deliberated more living
Trying to remember
Closing eyes
As if fixing feet against water rising
Success dream life failing
In between the painting comes as a three dimensional painting
Throwing dices, the mutant cell
Palpable, urgent in air floating

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Forlorn leaf – 5

The love of queen rules the mind
Of courtiers, soldiers and kings
Everyone feels chosen
Every act becomes virgin
The age old doubts vanishes
Every conceit bears a new meaning
Impersonal, distant aloof and fulfilling
‘Strange menagerie’ mummers the prince
And attributes flourish
Famines, marches, intrigues and buildings
Well chartered journeys ancient
Repeating themselves time to time
The prince muses
In how many enfolding the same old theme?
How many incarnations
Will have the queen?

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