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Forlorn Leaf – 24

चांद से खेलती रात घनी
आंगन सटे पोखर किनारे
गुलाबी कमल को निहारता रहा मैं
जब तुम साथ न थीं
रह-रह दमकती
धीमे-धीमे घिर आए बादलों में
लपक – झपक सोकर उठती
गुनगुनाती बिजली
नीली जिह्वाओं का हिल्लौल जब
कमल को अनगिनत हीरों से नहलाता है
हृदय में कुंभक बन सौंदर्य
क्या तुम्हारी ही शक्ति का स्पर्श कराता है?

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Forlorn leaf – 23


Near my heart

To the exclusion of everything

I pine for you

The late autumn dusk

Walking hands in hands

In those pacific wheat fields

Strangely that I thought them blue

And your blue eyes

Your deep smiles

With those something hidden view

And a touch of eternity in them

The moon came with the frost

It was the warmth of bodies

That made me dream of love

Dreaming you, loving me

And such a self you know

The deprivation and your being

Makes it so different

Feeling chosen, chocked, afraid too

But can’t help

Things go that way

And even your absence, welcome now

With pangs and memories

The instinct of annihilation

To the exclusion of everything

Pining for your eyes

Wanting nothing but your presence

Like a small picture

Wishing you always

In those memory lanes

Watching you, every moment, in every scene

Sometimes charm of your beauty subdue

At such juncture I want you more

My sanity touching the edges

And when you recur, not mine

Your self-winding being

Set ripples in me

Dry love, Clinical self absorption

Trapped in mire that corrodes affection

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