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The peaceful world in which I used to live is slowly receding like afternoon fog; and stark reality of imminent, violent upheaval is gripping me. The way things are taking shape around -all forbade ill. To watch people oblivious, pretty set in their secured world as if is the last sign of that unsettled world.

To get a feel of this settling unsettledness one just need to watch some news channel for few moments – corrupt corporate mingling in venal governments, power hungry bloody thirsty ideologies corroding culture and climate alike, insanely growing homo-sapiens, crushing poverty, self-destructing religions; mindless art, soulless music, pathetic entertainment forms all serve a nice preamble. The glutton-global citizen enjoy this all over popcorns, pizzas and mirthful talks. Nervous squeamishness, somber – god knows.

The slow and assured pace with which events are unfolding leaves little qualms. The worst is inevitable. The universe-cart is unsettled by the ford near Smashana Chakratirtha, and the tribe of eternal- Aghorees, ever mirthful is having one more round of riotous laughter. Or is it the peak of success-growth Yuga of predatory geo-cultural values that is taking into its breath the Jambu-dwipa, entering slowly in intestines, blood and seeds. New nation teeming with mixed, competing sometimes truthful and often imagined identities has no individual centered in self.

The developmental phase designing our life is governed by science. With demise of philosophy in the West, science has gone directionless. In absence of emphasis on experiential aspect of the self it has progressively embraced a materialistic conception of man, life and universe. With scientific advancements all appeared well in place, the sacredness and reverence was irrelevant and conception of such self was seen more or less mystical and outer worldly.

The peace that followed the world wars was a hiatus induced by the stupor of maddening violence. This is so because science (along with its typical brand of ethics and morals) the key reason behind this violence has largely remained unaltered. The increasing control of science over our lives ensured by the strange marriage of humanism and utilitarianism has made any thought of sustainability appear logical but insane. And the charm of all powerful God Nietzsche is unending; who now days is worshipped in new corporate temples.
The self is lost in a mirror house.

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